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Click here for Gmail Help    Click here for help with other webmail providers such as MSN, Hotmail and Yahoo

Attention Gmail® users. The instructions below are specifically for Gmail account however other webmail users such as Yahoo mail, MSN, etc may be able to change your settings in Internet Explorer by navigating to Tools>Internet Options>Programs>Email and choosing your mail account as default or try modifying step 2 below to add your email account to your email application such as Outlook.

Gmail® USERS: Most web browsers, including Internet Explorer®, will not automatically use Gmail® for "Mailto:" links within websites. You may have noticed when you try to click an email link in a website your computer attempts to open an outgoing message in an email application such as Outlook or if you don't have one installed it won't work at all and you need to manually open an outgoing message and enter the email address in yourself. We can help you solve this if you haven't already done so and it is necessary in order to execute our online agreements. You may choose from the two options below, either of which will solve the issue although somewhat differently.

(1) Download & Install Google® Gmail Notifier

    (a) Upon installation you will see the box below. Make sure you check the box next to "Use for outgoing mail"

    (b) Once this is installed and you click on email links within websites it should automatically open an outgoing Gmail message.

(2) Add Gmail® to your email application

    (a) Login to your Gmail® account

    (b) Choose Settings, then Forwarding and POP/IMAP

    (c) Choose which option your prefer between POP & IMAP*, and follow the instructions. *POP is the most common selection

    (d) Once you have completed this when you click on an email link within a website it will open an outgoing email message

          in the application of your choice such as Outlook and it  will use your Gmail account info to send  and receive messages.


MSN, Hotmail, Yahoo & other Webmail Accounts

The problem sending the online agreement is most likely due to the use of webmail such as AOL, Hotmail, MSN or Gmail. Your web browser tries to open an outgoing message with the agreement as an attachment but if you haven’t set Hotmail or Gmail as your default mail server in your internet settings then it won’t work. If you also have pc based mail, like a Comcast or Verizon email account you can send through that account without issue.

If you have Outlook installed it will likely try to open an outgoing Outlook message and if there’s no active email account in Outlook nothing happens. You can also try adding your Gmail &/or Hotmail account to Outlook or whatever other pc based mail application you have and it should send it that way.

Below are some steps you may follow to resolve the issue. Please choose whichever is most convenient for you. Please note, this issue is only with the Listing Agreement and you should experience no trouble with the rest of the process.


1)     Print the form and fax to 781-323-4118


2)     You can print the completed form to a file, save it & send as an attachment manually.

a)     When you print the form click the dropdown menu which lists your printers.

b)     See if you have one named “Microsoft Office Document Image Writer” or Adobe pdf or any similar application.

c)      If you don’t have a print to file app you can Google “Free PDF printer” and pick the one that suits you most.

d)     You may select either one and save the printed file to your Desktop.

e)     Then send the file as an attachment manually.  


3)     If you would like to correct the issue which may help you in other instances in the future beside Omegalistings then follow these instructions.
These steps are for Internet Explorer however whatever browser you use will have similar options.

a)     Go to Tools> Internet Options> Programs> You will see a box like the one below.

b)     In the dropdown menu to the right of “E-mail:” select your webmail applications such as Hotmail or MSN. If it is  not listed as an option it is possible to add it by downloading Microsoft Office Outlook Connector using the following link Click here to visit Microsoft site for Outlook Connector

c)      Save, close Internet Explorer, reopen & resubmit the form. This should solve the problem.




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