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$967,430,352.00 Listed saving our sellers over ELEVEN MILLION DOLLARS, $11,587,338.00 in commissions!

Congratulations on your accepted offer! We need the following information in order to update your listing to show the new status. MLS requires that each listing be updated within 24 hours of accepting an offer. There is no charge to update your listing to this status.

                                                         Your name                                                 MLS Number        

                    Property address                            Email address



Please note that MLS no longer offers the status Active - Accepting Back Up Offers as of May 20, 2013.

Under Agreement

Your property will remain on MLS but will be removed from all bonus sites, agents will no longer call you for showings.

What is the anticipated closing date? 



Is there an agent representing the buyers?

Yes            No


What is the agents full name and office name?

If there is not an agent say "No Agent"



What is the anticipated selling price? 

This information will be kept confidential to our office and will only be used once you have closed on the property.




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