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$967,430,352.00 Listed saving our sellers over ELEVEN MILLION DOLLARS, $11,587,338.00 in commissions!

Omega's Listing Service is for property owners who are selling their property themselves but would like the additional exposure only a licensed Real Estate Broker using the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) can provide. 

Traditionally seller's have had two options to sell their property-

  1. Sellers market their home themselves, limiting their exposure and usually resulting in a longer time on the market, or 

  2. Sellers list their property with a local Real Estate Broker and pay up to 6% commissions (for listing & selling) .

NOW THERE IS A THIRD OPTION FOR SELLERS-, Inc.'s Flat Fee Listing Service.  

If you want to save money while keeping control of the sale of your property and are willing to invest a little time interacting with prospective buyers then, Inc.'s Flat Fee Listing Service is for you.

Our philosophy at, Inc. is that today's sellers and buyers are more versed in the sales process than in previous years. Many sellers are willing to actively participate in the sale of their home and prefer to be directly involved in the process. 

It is for those sellers that we now offer a Listing Service that enables them to directly participate in the sale of their home while saving the listing commission.

Our service is intended to provide additional support and marketing exposure for homeowners who want to sell their home themselves but would also like the opportunity to work with local real estate brokers. With Omega's Listing Service sellers get the best of both worlds. The money savings and control gained by selling their home themselves as well as the listing benefits only a licensed Real Estate Broker subscribing to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) can provide.

with Omega's Flat Fee Listing you never pay 6%

$199.00 LISTS YOUR HOME. Your $199.00 investment places you on the REALTOR® Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for 6 months. The MLS is what realtors use to sell your home. 

As a free bonus, in addition to Realtors, buyers will have direct access to your listing on the following sites:

  • Your Massachusetts MLSPIN property will be listed on MLSPIN, Omegalistings and as a free bonus your property will be posted on the following websites:,,,, Masslive.comSunChronicle, Zillow and MlsHomeFinder and many more. Please note: MLS is continually adding more sites where your listing will show and they reserve the right to discontinue their information lead at any time with a site. does not have any control over these third party sites.


Home buyers living locally or those across the country who might be moving to your town will all be able to view your home listing, all for only $199.00.

This is less than it would cost to advertise in your local newspaper for one month.

If you sell your home directly to any buyer without the aid of a Broker you pay nothing more. 

All you need to do to list your property is provide a brief description and some basic information and Omega will do the rest. A listing can include a lot of details some homeowners do not know, like the town's tax rate, the property's assessed value, the year the house was built or the recording information for title reference or even the square footage of living space or lot size., Inc. has access to all of this information through our online accounts with several Massachusetts Registries of Deeds as well as an extensive public records database. We will fill in the blanks for you which in turn saves you time and provides a more accurate  listing. 

Once listed, Omega will maintain your listing. Click here to review our revision policy. As part of our service you may supply up to 30 full color photos of your home at no extra charge.  All the Realtors in your area who are working with buyers will have access to the listing and if they want to show your property they will call you directly for an appointment at your convenience.

Traditionally the broker's commission is 5 % or 6% of the sale price of your property. This commission is then distributed equally between the listing agent and the selling agent.  In the case of a 6% listing agreement,  3% would be paid to the listing agent and 3% to the selling agent. With Omega's Flat Fee Listing, $199 is all you will ever pay for listing your property and if you sell your property yourself you pay nothing more. If a Real Estate Broker responding to the MLS listing shows and sells your property you would then pay only the selling percentage which you pre-set at either 2%, 2.5% or 3%., Inc.'s Listing Service provides you, the Seller, more exposure for your dollar than anywhere else GUARANTEED!  

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