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Thank you for choosing our service. There are just 4 easy steps to list your property on MLS. Throughout each step there will be more detailed instructions to guide you through.

These four steps are listed immediately below for those familiar with the process and ready to list.

If you need more detailed descriptions or technical support just scroll down.

  1. Execute online agreements without faxing (If your prefer you may print, sign & fax to 781-323-4118)

  2. Click Here to make payment using any major credit card.

  3. Complete and submit Online Property Input Form (You will be auto-directed to this page upon payment)

  4. Email Photos

Your property will be placed on MLSPIN once we receive the four items listed above. The input time is usually one hour, upon completion you will be emailed a copy of your active listing. If your information is received by 4:00PM during business hours your listing is guaranteed to be posted on MLS that day, if it is received after 4:00PM it is guaranteed to be posted in MLS by the following business day.

  • You may submit up to 30 photos of your home to be placed on your MLS listing free of charge. At least one photo must be submitted within 5 days of the listing's activation and up to 29 additional photos may be added at your convenience. You may email your photos to, please name your photos, Your Last Name01, Your Last Name02 and so on in the order you would like them displayed. Please send all files in JPG format and do not send more than 10 megabytes per email message or it will be returned to you.

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Our accepted methods of payment are MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover.



Step One:

Please click the link above or below to open our online Listing Agreement which you may execute with an "Electronic Signature" and submit via email without needing to print or fax. We recommend you print or save a copy for your records. If you prefer to submit a hand signed copy you may open the form, print a copy, complete it by hand, initial at the bottom of all pages and sign where required and fax to 781-323-4118. This form must be received by us in order to list your property on MLS.

All forms are under copyright protection





Acrobat Reeder 6 or higher is needed. Download latest Acrobat version here. It's quick and free.


Additionally, per Massachusetts regulations* you must provide a copy of the Property Transfer Lead Paint Notification provided to any prospective buyer before they submit an offer. Please click the link and print a copy for your files to have on hand. You do not need to provide us with a copy of this form.


Property Transfer Lead Paint Notification


*Under Massachusetts and federal law, owners and real estate agents must comply with Property Transfer Lead Paint Notification requirements when a prospective buyer or tenant with an option to buy is about to purchase a home built before 1978. If you would like more information regarding this law please visit the Massachusetts State site at or the United States Environmental Protection Agency web site at


Here are the official rules and regulations of MA MLSPIN for your information MLS Rules and Regulations


If you would like to provide a Seller Disclosure Declaration Form (click here) This form is not required, however if you do provide one you are responsible for accuracy of its contents. We do not need a copy of the form; it is for you to print, complete and provide copies to prospective buyers or agents.


Step Two: Please click the button below titled "Order Now" to pay for your MLS listing, once you have completed the payment process you will be directed to the page where you may choose the appropriate MLS input form to fit your needs.


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