Photo Instructions

MA MLS allows up to 30 photos

Cape MLS allows up to 13 photos

RI MLS allows up to 25 photos

CT MLS allows up to 20 photos


The above chart shows you how many photos in total you may have depending on which MLS you are listing in. All of the MLS's require least one photo to be submitted within 2 days of the listing's activation and any additional photos may be added at your convenience. You may email your photos to or if you have hard copies you may send them to, Inc. 733 Turnpike St, Suite 304 North Andover, MA 01845-6157

Please name your photos, Your Last Name01, Your Last Name02 and so on in the order you would like them displayed. The order that they are place on MLS will be the same order they will appear on the bonus sites. Please send all files in JPG format and do not send more than 10 megabytes per email message.


Need help renaming a file? If you are not sure how to rename a photo, please follow these easy instructions:  right click the photos name, click rename, then type your last name 01, click enter. The file will have been renamed. Repeat this process for all photos you will be sending to us following the numbering instructions above.


IMPORTANT: Photos that are not renamed will NOT be added into MLS. This policy is in place to avoid confusion on both of our ends, we know that photos are a key feature that help sell the property and we would like them to be displayed in the order that you choose.