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Dear Homeowner,

If you would like to sell your property but there is outstanding mortgage debt on the property that is more than the property is worth then please read below to see how we may be able to help.

My name is Mark Cirignano; I am a Realtor® specializing in SHORT SALES. I only list property that I am confident I can sell and obtain approval from your lender in most cases with FULL DEBT CANCELLATION & "NO TAX CONSEQUENCES". If a foreclosure auction is scheduled we may be able to persuade your lender(s) to hold off while we attempt a Short Sale.

*What is a SHORT SALE? In summary, a Short Sale, sometimes referred to as Bank Workout or Settlement, is when you sell your property for less than what you owe and your lender(s) agree(s) to accept a reduced payoff as “Payment in Full” and “Forgiveness of Debt” for any unpaid balance. In addition a successful Short Sale will pay off all of your outstanding municipal liens, property taxes, condo fees, closing costs, legal & brokerage fees associated with the sale of the property. Please note: You must meet certain criteria established by your lender(s) and not all borrowers will qualify for Short Sales.




PEACE OF MIND Receive personal and professional consultation on all topics involved including but not limited to the following:

TAX IMPLICATIONS Receive detailed information regarding your tax liability including but not limited to the following:



Please let me know if you think I may be of service to you. I am happy to discuss the matter over the phone at 978-287-4657 or meet with you at your convenience.




Mark V. Cirignano


Mark V. Cirignano

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