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$967,430,352.00 Listed saving our sellers over ELEVEN MILLION DOLLARS, $11,587,338.00 in commissions!

* Our price was reduced to $299.00 some of the testimonials reflect the old prices of $499.00 & $399.00

Michelle H. (Somerville) -  Net Savings of $16,450.00   MLS # 70895628

 "Thanks for making this a smooth and pleasant transaction that saved me thousands! You get my thumbs up and I've already given referrals."

Jakub Z. (Weymouth) -  Net Savings of $7,450.00   MLS # 70789830

 "Mark, thank you and your associates very much for your time, accuracy, help, and professionalism.  Your service was a joy to use and was crucial to our success.  Keep doing what  you're doing, spread the word."

Simon G. (Salem) -  Net Savings of $11,997.00   MLS # 700169364  

 " Using the OmegaListings service to sell my house was a fabulous experience!  The service and responsiveness from the entire OmegaListings team was fantastic in fact much better than I'd experienced from some of the full service real estate agents I dealt with. I would highly recommend OmegaListings as part of a coordinated marketing plan including taking good picture of your house online, running open houses, having a virtual tour online, signs and newspaper ads. Although the buyer had their own broker I only paid a 2% co-broker fee which still saved me over $11,500 by using OmegaListings instead of a full service agency. While I listed it for more than many full service agents recommended, the property still sold for asking price after only 8 days on the market! Why would you use a full service broker? "

 Kimberly V. (Leominster) -  Net Savings of $7,161.00   MLS # 70274567  

"Your web site was fantastic and generated more activity than I imagined.  I plan to recommend you to every person I know thinking about selling their property."

 Gordon P. (Medfield) -  Net Savings of $14,547.00   MLS # 70114179  

 " Thank you so much for your always pleasant assistance and for the money we were able to save by using your service! "

  Jon M. (Easton) -  Net Savings of $20,476.00   MLS # 70169079  

 "I am so satisfied with the decision to use Omegalistings.com, Inc. to sell our home!  I must admit I was a little apprehensive about selling our home ourselves, but, saving over $20,000 in real estate commissions really made it a worthwhile decision!  The level of support you provided was more than I ever expected, and your top-notch bonus listings were the icing on the cake!  There is just no other way to get the level of exposure needed to sell your home on your own without your service.  I couldn't have done it without you, it was the best $400 I ever spent!   
 Thanks again for everything!"

Susan M. (Scituate) -  Net Savings of $38,601.00   MLS # 70054252

"We first tried selling our home "By Owner". We realized there would be more exposure by listing with MLS. We found Omega listings and decided to try it. I was expecting the house to be listed, and after they had our fee there wouldn't be any service. Was I wrong! They were always there to answer questions, and always helped in a very prompt, courteous, and professional manner. I would definitely recommend Omega Listings to anyone."

Karen A. (Grafton) -  Net Savings of $6,660.00   MLS # 70114566

 "Thank you for all your help. The service was great and instrumental in the sale of my condo."

Christine L. (Norton) -  Net Savings of $11,051.00   MLS # 70038043

"Thank you for your help in listing our property. It was obviously a success!"

Kim H. (Norwood) -  Net Savings of $35,401.00   MLS # 70013746

"I do think your company has such a great business model. I don't think too many people know about it yet. I keep telling everyone I know how we got on MLS without a Realtor and everyone is surprised."

Tom S. (Wayland) -  Net Savings of $22,750.00   MLS # 30742557

 "I must tell you, it has been an absolute pleasure to deal with you folks. Real Estate brokers are not among my most favored people, but you guys delivered 100% on your promise. You are very reliable and easy to deal with."

Young H. (Somerville) -  Net Savings of $21,501.00   MLS # 30792339

"Thanks for your fantastic service, I didn't pay any brokerage commissions. I'll be sure to recommend you to anybody I know selling a house."

Jennifer R. (Pembroke) -  Net Savings of $30,101.00   MLS # 30626188

"Thanks again! I recommended your service to my neighbor."

Terri M. (Hingham) - Net Savings of $12,376.00   MLS # 30555577

"Thanks for having the service you have. This sale was a direct result of the listing service."

Susan K. (Hull) -  Net Savings of $12,751.00    MLS # 30556166     

"Doing business with you was one of the smartest things I have ever done. We will be eternally grateful to you for your wonderful assistance with the listing and sale of our house. I have told anyone who would listen that your flat fee listing service is invaluable, and that you were exceedingly helpful from beginning to end. You always sent those leads right over to me in a very timely manner. I would recommend using your service to anyone who is attempting to sell their house. We saved the 5% commission ($13,250) and paid only the $499 flat fee plus some newspaper advertising and the purchase of a simple sign."

Paul B. (Billerica) - Net Savings of $3,801.00    MLS # 30572599

"Thank you so much for all your help. You made what can be a difficult process much, much easier. We have, and will recommend your services without hesitation."

Sharon P. (Hingham) - Net Savings of $9,986.00    MLS # 30556897

"...It's a lot of work to market your own house and I don't think the majority of people have the extra time or interest to do it....I hope you can keep offering this service. 

It was great for me." 

Fran E. (Taunton) - Net Savings of $11,351.00    MLS # 30516123

Thanks for all you efforts. As I said on the phone, many times these days, once you complete the contract or buy the product, the honeymoon is over so to speak. But not with you. You have well exceeded my service expectations! "It was a pleasure doing business with you.  I appreciate the excellent work you did for us including the sprucing up of our Ad to make our house stand out from the rest.  Thank you so much."


Alla B. (Cambridge) - Net Savings of $9,876.00    MLS # 30553537

"Thank you for your service. Omega Listings has been crucial in facilitating the sale."

Ken L. (Peabody) - Net Savings of $6,638.50    MLS # 30581662

"Thanks for your help, I will definitely use your services in the future."

Steve C. (Stoneham) - Net Savings of $9,351.00    MLS # 30538340

"Thanks again. You have an excellent business concept that has the potential to become the standard in your industry."

Rob R. (Dunstable) - Net Savings of $18,401.00    MLS # 30591507

"All in all, I have to say I would recommend your flat fee service to anyone interested in doing a FSBO. In fact, one of my friends is moving right now and I have forwarded your website to them."

Don C. (Reading) - Net Savings of $20,996.00   MLS # 30625651

"The $499 fee was well worth it to me and I would start right out with that process if I were to do it again. Thank You!"

Danielle E. (Quincy) - Net Savings of $14,701.00   MLS # 30611971

"Thank you so much for all you did to help us with the sale of our condo in North Quincy. Best wishes to you for the continued success of your business! You are providing a wonderful service, and I have recommended you to friends."

Walter U. (Quincy) -  Net Savings of $9,679.00   MLS # 30626525

"Thank you for you help. I was very satisfied by your service."

Arthur C. (Grafton) -  Net Savings of $7,496.00   MLS # 30740457

"Thank you for your service and we will let others know about it as we feel it definitely helped to bring in the serious buyers and put a little extra money in our pockets by not having to sign on with any one particular realtor."

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